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In 2005, Morton Schmidt and Greg Jenko were polar opposites in high school. Schmidt did well in school, but his geekish personality made it hard to him to gain acceptance among his peers. Jenko was a jock with plenty of friends but had poor grades. Seven years later, the duo join the police force and they become friends. The duo finally catch a break when they are assigned to go undercover as high school students and halt the spread of a synthetic drug that many students are getting their hands on and catch the supplier. After their identities are inadvertently mixed up, Schmidt finds himself among the popular kids, including the school's main drug dealer, while Jenko finds himself ostracized and frowned upon by most of the students. Schmidt's attempts to make something of himself leads to a rift with Jenko and threatens to derail the entire operation. Can they get their act together before the synthetic drug spirals out of control?
In 2005, Schmidt and Jenko are high school students, one an honor roll geek, the other a cool, athletic underachiever. By 2012, they are rookie cops, paired together, on bike patrol yearning to make arrests. After a screw up, they're sent undercover back to high school to find the source of a dangerous synthetic drug. They mix up their names, and Schmidt gets the no-brainer classes where he auditions for Peter Pan and falls in love with Wendy; Jenko gets AP classes where he falls in with high-achieving dweebs. This second chance at high school gives Schmidt delusions of grandeur, which threaten the operation. Can they sort out their relationship as they stumble onto the bad guys?
This movie was absolutely woeful. I watched it because everyone has be raving about how good it is. To be honest I really shouldn&#39;t of expected much given the fact that the general public is impressed by such simple tripe these days.<br/><br/>I got two or three laughs out of the entire movie, and these where for that crazy gym teacher who only had a smaller minor role. I didn&#39;t think either main character were that good or funny. Didn&#39;t like the start of the movie, just seemed to rush right into the main plot with little thought given to the beginning.<br/><br/>Lots and lots of gay oral references in this movie. Also lots of stereotypes. I found it a bit weird that the only time you see Tatum being &quot;aggressive&quot; is when he is talking to and then later subjugating in a vulgar sexual manner an African American male while in police uniform. He is also seen later to punch in the face another African American male who turns out to be gay.<br/><br/>Overall a crap waste of time thats filled with racial and sexual content.
To say that I am surprised, dear readers, by my full-on, unabashed enthusiasm for 21 Jump Street would be the understatement of the year. When the project was announced, I thought it sounded terrible and the first time I saw the trailer, I thought the same thing. That trailer, though, grew on me with each and every viewing and by the time I got to the theater this weekend, I was primed for a darn good time, and that&#39;s exactly what the movie delivers.<br/><br/>Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) are unlikely pals. In high school, Schmidt was a loser whom Jenko routinely humiliated. But when they both join the police force, they develop a mutually beneficial friendship and eventually become partners on the beat. After a poorly executed drug bust, they are transferred under the command of Captain Dickson (Ice Cube), who runs an undercover unit out of a church on 21 Jump Street. The pair is sent in to a local high school and tasked with infiltrating and bringing down a drug ring that threatens to spread its new product to the surrounding city. But with their roles reversed and the abilities put to the test, can these two misfits get the job done before the entire operation is shut down?<br/><br/>One of the things that gave me pause concerning 21 Jump Street is the headliners. I appreciate Hill&#39;s talent both as a comedian and an actual actor (as displayed in Moneyball) but his isn&#39;t a name that gets me excited. For every Get Him to the Greek (which I love), there&#39;s a film like The Sitter (which appeared to be horrendous). I have no such conflict over Tatum&#39;s involvement with this project. Aside from his acceptable work in She&#39;s the Man (a film I have an odd affection for), I&#39;ve never seen a movie involving Tatum that I did not leave with a little vomit in my mouth and a little hate in my heart. I&#39;ve long thought that he might be the worst actor in Hollywood. Surprisingly, not only do Hill and Tatum turn out to be a perfect match for this sort of raucous action-comedy, Tatum is actually the best part. He plays the dumb jock well, a role he is well suited for, but he also displays an excellent comedic timing I wouldn&#39;t have thought he had. I&#39;m not saying this will completely change my opinion of the man but it certainly won&#39;t hurt. Hill, meanwhile, brings an element of authenticity to his role; he&#39;s a nerd at heart who jumps on the chance to finally become cool. It&#39;s an antiquated trick that Jump Street pulls but Hill makes it work. Together these two show great chemistry and they work off of each other quite well, giving the feeling of a natural partnership that doesn&#39;t always come off with this sort of mismatched pairing. <br/><br/>The first act of 21 Jump Street is one of the funniest openers in recent memory. It is an absolute laugh riot, jam-packed with the juvenile-but- well-thought-out humor that is expected from an R-rated comedy in a post-Hangover world. No time is wasted on the set-up as the set of circumstances Schmidt and Jenko find themselves in are established within the first ten minutes and the film&#39;s plot is set into motion. I felt the second act, which brings into play the inevitable conflicts between the two buddies, wanes a bit and becomes slightly bogged down, though the fun never stops entirely. Perhaps the worst I could say about this middle portion is that it stretches on a few minutes too long. But before long, the pace again quickens and Schmidt and Jenko get back to the shenanigans that make the first act such a blast.<br/><br/>What directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) have crafted with Jump Street is an homage to the buddy cop movie with a hint of delicious self-awareness that seems appropriate given its &#39;80s roots. They also surround their leads with an outstanding surrounding cast, including the aforementioned Ice Cube (perfect casting), a slightly underused Dave Franco, and the always funny Rob Riggle. Most importantly, the actors are provided with a hilarious script filled with a non-stop stream of jokes that never allows the audience to catch on to the abject stupidity of the characters&#39; actions.<br/><br/>Please see my reviews at
Like many almost-great comedies, 21 Jump Street is frontloaded with the best go-for-broke gags and lines.
While at Hamilton high school (2005), Morton Schmidt (<a href="/name/nm1706767/">Jonah Hill</a>) was an honor roll geek and Greg Jenko (<a href="/name/nm1475594/">Channing Tatum</a>) was a popular but underachieving jock. Seven years later, they both graduate from the Metropolitan City Police Academy and are partnered with each other. Because of their youthful looks and the fact that they forgot to read a suspect his Miranda rights, they are assigned to go undercover in a high school in order to infiltrate a drug ring and catch the supplier. Schmidt, under the name Brad McQuaid, is &quot;enrolled&quot; in advanced placement (AP) classes; while Jenko, as his brother Doug, is placed in the no-brainer classes. Unfortunately, they get their undercover names mixed up, and Schmidt attends the no-brainer classes while Jenko attends the AP classes. 21 Jump Street is based on the television series <a href="/title/tt0092312/">21 Jump Street (1987)</a> (1987-1991). The story and screenplay were written by Jonah Hill and American screenwriter <a href="/name/nm0045209/">Michael Bacall</a>. It is followed by <a href="/title/tt2294449/">22 Jump Street (2014)</a> (2014). If anything, the film is a continuation of the series and works as a reboot of the franchise. Captain Hardy states that &quot;21 Jump Street&quot; was a project in the 1980s, the time of the series, and is being revived. Also, several actors reprise their characters. &quot;Rescue Song&quot; by Mr. Little Jeans Atoms are composed of a nucleus containing positively-charged protons and a shell in which negatively-charged electrons orbit around the nucleus, much like a sun and its planets. When two (or more) atoms bond with each other, they form a molecule. The difference between a covalent bond and an ionic bond is how the two atoms are linked to each other to form the molecule. In an ionic bond, the electron of one atom is transferred to the other atom, effectively making one atom positive (cation) and the other negative (anion), and positives are attracted to negatives, so the atoms &quot;stick&quot; to each other. In covalent bonding, both atoms share the same electron. This sharing of an electron also helps make two atoms stick together. Mr Walters (<a href="/name/nm1443527/">Rob Riggle</a>) and Eric (<a href="/name/nm2002649/">Dave Franco</a>) escape in a limo with Molly (<a href="/name/nm0488953/">Brie Larson</a>) as a hostage. Domingo (<a href="/name/nm1154986/">DeRay Davis</a>) and Karl (<a href="/name/nm0715788/">Randal Reeder</a>) escape in a second limo. Schmidt and Jenko pursue them in a third limo, all three of them weaving through the streets and baging into parked cars. Jenko creates a homemade bomb based on his knowledge of covalent bonds, learned from his AP Chemistry class, flings it into Domingo and Karl&#39;s limo, causing it to blow up. They then turn their sights on Mr Walters&#39; limo. Walters exits the car, holding a gun to Molly&#39;s head, and vows to shoot her. Jenko fires his gun but finds that it is out of bullets. As Schmidt prepares to fire, Walters shoots at him, but Jenko leaps in front of Schmidt, taking the bullet in the arm. Schmidt fires at Walters, hitting him in the groin. As they stand over the writhing Walters, Schmidt and Jenko read him his Miranda rights, then high-five each other. In the final scene, Schmidt and Jenko walk into the office amid cheers from their colleagues. Captain Dickson (<a href="/name/nm0001084/">Ice Cube</a>) congratulates them and informs them of their next assignment …they&#39;re to go undercover in college. Yes. Judy Hoffs (<a href="/name/nm0005372/">Holly Robinson Peete</a>) gives Greg and Morton their new car. Stock footage of Harry Truman Ioki (<a href="/name/nm0629006/">Dustin Nguyen</a>) appears on a television set in the hotel room. Tom Hanson (<a href="/name/nm0000136/">Johnny Depp</a>) and Doug Penhall (<a href="/name/nm0217938/">Peter DeLuise</a>) appear as DEA agents. Additionally, Greg shares the same last name as Captain Richard Jenko (<a href="/name/nm0002078/">Frederic Forrest</a>).
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