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There is a fairly simple story somewhere in this film, which I only took an interest in at first because Loredana Cannata ("la Donna Lupo") was in the cast … I was somewhat irritated to find that she disappeared from the action after a few minutes, but I was soon appeased by some great acting and a well-told (if perhaps a little far-fetched) story. Greed and corruption are the prime movers at first, while petty criminals are unwittingly manipulated by the big wheelers and dealers. Naive teenagers provide a witty sub-plot, which is at first just very funny, but in the end turns sour when it crashes into the world of organized crime. Near the end you may want to look away during one rather disturbing scene (you'll recognize it in time to close your eyes when it comes up.) Otherwise a great piece of unusual film-making, the kind which Italians seem to be very good at.
The movie Albakiara takes its name from the song "Albachiara" by VascoRossi, a well known Italian rock singer, whose son Davide acts in the movie. The story is about the excesses of youth, analyzed through the look of Chiara (Laura Gigante), the main character. Another plot line is about a corrupted police officer (played by Raz Degan) who is trying to sell drug along with other criminals, among which there is Chiara's uncle (Alessandro Haber), who is also her foster father. The two lines mixed after the death of Chiara's uncle, when the protagonist finds the drug stored in the house cellar and steals it. Things gradually start to go worse when the police officer discovers the theft. This is a strange kind of teen movie mixed with thriller aspects. Is poorly written and directed and I would never recommend you to watch it, unless you like this kind of horrible movies.

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