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The lives of three different men named David are about to change forever.
The story is about two Davids. David (Vikram) is a 30 year old fisherman living in Goa. David who is a carefree drunkard getting involved in pub fights and other unwanted activities falls for his friends deaf and mute fiancé Roma (Isha Sharvani). Meanwhile, the other David (Jiiva), is a 19 year old guitarist living in Mumbai. He hates his dad Father Noel (Nassar) for his philanthropist attitude. Meanwhile, an MLA attacks his dad and beats him up mercilessly with a group of people accusing that Noel is trying to convert everyone into Christianity. David learns that it was for the purpose of cheap publicity and he goes on trying to reach her. The two Davids are about to take a decision which will change their lives forever.
David 2 out of 5. Brilliant screenplay , bgm and songs are will placed ,loved bgm played in the scene where nassar will be dragged to street and also at the public meeting where the lady will be shot. Characterization is amazing. Bejoy's handling of the two story line is effortless. positive part is you wont feel any drag in any part of the movie, bejoy need to learn from maniratnam how to direct a bilingual movie, vikarm life had many characters where there is no lip-sink with the dialog. jeva's life part is amazing. many will be disappointed with the climax. I still don't understand why should the 2 David be placed in 1999 and 2010. even 2005 and 2010 doesn't make a difference i believe if i am not wrong. Dialog in the movie are pathetic(not all), I don't know how the dialog in Hindi version. Very good effort form bejoy. At the end there is no proper message or i didn't understand the message said, I like vikram as David, cause he is always drunk.
I went for this movie with fairly high expectations…considering that it starred Neil Nitin Mukesh, Vikram and Tabu. However this movie is a classic example of great potential being let down by a weak script and gimmicky direction.<br/><br/>The movie is made of 3 separate stories, each about a man called David, played by Neil Nitin Mukesh, Chiyaan Vikram and Vinay Visrmani in each of the segments. It is the style of great movies like Traffic and 21 Grams, where three seemingly disparate stories come together. But that is where the comparison ends. While Traffic and 21 Grams had some great acting and a seamless integration of stories, David is all style and no substance.<br/><br/>The movie begins interestingly enough, with a brief glimpse of each character near the end of their story, and then works backward. Each segment has its own distinct style, look and feel and is also set in different eras. The best segment is easily the one starring Neil Nitin Mukesh, set in London in 1975, about a powerful Muslim family with its own internal strife and secrets. NNM is a sleek and stylish actor with a very certain talent for inhabiting his character and making it his own. The same cannot be said for the other actors in the segment. Milind Soman, supposed to be reciting the Koran even while killing someone, looks like he is reciting a shopping list. He does look suitably menacing though. Monica Dogra stumbles and fumbles her way through scenes that are about as romantic as scaling a fish.<br/><br/>The other two segments are set in Mumbai and Goa, and star Vinay and Vikram - and are both very weakly written and directed, with the actors in those segments clearly &quot;phoning it in&quot;. Vikram&#39;s segment especially plays to all those stereotypes about Goa - the place where everyone is perpetually drunk, wears the rosary around their neck and constantly makes the sign of the cross. Seriously??!!! Vikram is consistently terrible, not knowing where to draw the line between acting drunk, and acting like an escapee from the loony bin. Tabu, that incredible actress who gave us Maqbool, is wasted in a role completely unworthy of her talent.<br/><br/>The Mumbai segment had a lot of promise, but that fizzled out as well, via some cardboard acting, and some inexplicable situations that lead quickly to nothing. Lara Dutta, what are you doing in this movie and why? <br/><br/>The overall direction is choppy, with very haphazard editing - yes, I get it, this is new-age cinema - but it just reinforces my belief that the director felt he could get away with a crap movie by using the shaky-cam and in-your-face-cam technique everywhere possible. The dialogue in the London segment is totally studly and glorious, to the point where there must have been a collective ovary explosion in the multiplex. The rest of the movie is a big fat MEH.

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